Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

K&O Consultants, LLC Special Police Officers provide our clients with the security they need to carry out their day to day activities with no worries! K&O Consultants, LLC can provide you with armed and unarmed officers for event security, loss prevention, bodyguard/executive protection services, and traditional/site security.

Executive Protection

K&O Consultants, LLC provides executive protection services for our clients to ensure their safety and prevent security issues from occurring. Our officers specialize in protecting VIP personnel from various industries and walks of life. By conducting risk assessments and advanced planning, our team of security professionals is able to protect our clients from physical, emotional, reputational, or financial harm.

Employment Background Checks

K&O Consultants, LLC investigates candidates based on criteria determined by our clients in order to verify the identity of those seeking employment with our clients. A typical background check may include employment, education, criminal records, credit history, motor vehicle and license record checks.

Cannabis Industry Security Services

With the rapid influx of dispensaries, I-71 compliant stores, and other cannabis related services in the DC metropolitan area, the demand for cannabis-related security services is growing at an unprecedented rate. K&O Consultants, LLC Special Police Officers can be hired to protect our clients properties, assets, and their employees.

CCTV Installation and Monitoring

K&O Consultants, LLC can help your organization quickly setup video monitoring devices, and provide site monitoring services. Our team is ready to help you identify the optimal areas to install a video monitoring device at your location, help you setup your CCTV equipment, and monitor video observations to identify and alert you of suspicious behaviors.

Process Serving

Our team of dedicated professionals are ready and able to deliver documents describing legal action on our clients behalves. In addition to serving legal documents, K&O Consultants, LLC can also assist you with other services such as filing court papers and document retrieval.

Private Neighborhood Patrols

K&O Consultants, LLC is ready to provide roving mobile patrols for private neighborhoods, condominium complexes and homeowners associations in the DC metropolitan area. Our patrol unit can cover neighborhood entrances and maintain a constant mobile patrol through the neighborhood.